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We can configure Direflow's build process and other global configurations in direflow-config.json.

"build": {
"componentPath": "direflow-component",
"filename": "direflowBundle.js",
"chunkFilename": "chunk.js",
"emitSourceMap": true,
"emitIndexHTML": true,
"emitAll": true,
"split": true,
"vendor": true
"modules": {
"react": "",
"reactDOM": ""
"polyfills": {
"sd": "https://cdn.your.own.source/webcomponents-sd.js",
"ce": "https://cdn.your.own.source/webcomponents-ce.js",
"adapter": "https://cdn.your.own.source/custom-elements-es5-adapter.js"


The path, relative to src, of the folder containing Direflow Components.
This folder must contain a flat list of subdirectories, each containing a Direflow Component.

└── src
└── direflow-components
├──── some-component
│ ├── App.js
│ └── index.js
└──── another-component
├── App.js
└── index.js


The filename of the main bundle.
Defaults to direflowBundle.js.

⚠️ This does not work using the split option.


The filename of the vendor bundle.
Defaults to vendor.js.


When enabling this option, all source map files will be emitted along with the main bundle.


When enabling this option, the public index.html file will be emitted along with the main bundle.


When enabling this option, all static files will be emitted.
Direflow is build upon create-react-app, so a lot of files unuasable with Direflow will be emitted.
It's recommended to keep this option set to false.


To split your bundle into a chunk per Direflow Component, use the split option.

This will create a build folder containing a bundle-file per Direflow Component.

└── build
├── main.js
├── coolComponent.js
└── awesomeComponent.js

The main.js file will contain the code in your main index.js file.
If the main index.js file is empty, the main.js file can be excluded.


When you build your Direflow Components, you can use the vendor option. This will create a build folder containing two bundle-files:

└── build
├── direflowBundle.js
└── vendor.js

direflowBundle.js: Will contain all source-code.
vendor.js: Will contain all third-party packages.

react & reactDOM

If you want to provide your own React and ReactDOM modules. Provide the url on these fields.

polyfills -> sd, ce and adapter

Allows us to take full control over the Web Components polyfills.
Value can either be false to disable lazyloading of the polyfills, or a path to a URL from where the polyfill should be loaded.

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